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Why buy Mexican Car Insurance?

Travel to Mexico with peace of mind. Go to Mexico as a tourist and have fun or on business and have a successful business trip. Just remember that your USA vehicle third party liability, collision coverage, theft of vehicle and its accessories, occupants medical expenses, as well as legal protection in case of accident in Mexico are not covered by your USA insurance. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD BUY MEXICAN INSURANCE BEFORE ENTERING INTO MEXICO.

Car Insurance In Mexico

WHY IS THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE SO IMPORTANT IN MEXICO? Even though in Mexico third party liability insurance is not obligatory, it is essential to have it in the event that you get involved in even the most minor accident, be it a fender bender of another vehicle, damaging private or government property, or injuring a person, these last two, if you don’t have liability coverage are a cause for jail.  Remember that Mexican legal procedure is different from what is applicable in the USA, both in Mexico and the USA you are innocent until proven guilty, but in Mexico, this process could be time consuming and very complicated.

So when you travel to Mexico, it’s definitely worth investing a few dollars in buying Mexican insurance that covers you against third party liability, collision of your vehicle, theft of vehicle, and its accessories, medical expenses of occupants in case of accident and, especially, legal protection in Mexico against any of these eventualities.

Car Insurance

Why should I buy Insurance from your company?

mexcarinsurance.com is the international division of Jiro y Asociados S.A. de C.V., one of the largest authorized Mexican Insurance Broker-Agent companies, founded in 1975 with offices in New York, NY and in 23 states of Mexico, plus our head office in Mexico City. In addition to selling temporary Mexican Insurance coverage to vehicles entering Mexico [...]

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When you buy from us your Mexican Insurance policy, you can immediately print your payment receipt, summary policy page containing all the pertinent data such as vehicle make, model, model year, description and amount of coverage, as well as instructions of what to do and who to call in case of accident, as well, if [...]

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