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Why buy Mexican Car Insurance?

Travel to Mexico with peace of mind. Go to Mexico as a tourist and have fun or on business and have a successful business trip. Just remember that your USA vehicle third party liability, collision coverage, theft of vehicle and its accessories, occupants medical expenses, as well as legal protection in case of accident in Mexico are not covered by your USA insurance. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD BUY MEXICAN INSURANCE BEFORE ENTERING INTO MEXICO.

Car Insurance In Mexico

The Baja California Loop

Get your car, insure it for Mexico and make a wonderful three hundred fifty mile car trip through southern Baja California. You’ll see cactus, drive along the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The trip can be started either in La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. Some people do all 350 miles in a day, others take up to a week. From La Paz, the provincial capital, take Hwy 1, then Hwy 19 to the art colony of Todos Santos on the Pacific coast, where people snorkel, make art and watch whales in winter. Continue south to the Cabo San Lucas, a true resort town on the southern tip of Baja. The loop next goes on Hwy 1 to colonial San Jose del Cabo. Strike across the mountains to the east coast town of Los Barriles and continue in a north west direction back to La Paz.

The price of fuel is uniform throughout Mexico, with the possible exception of some border areas where fuel may be priced to reflect competition across the border. The only seller of fuel is Pemex, the nationally owned “Petroleos Mexicanos” oil monopoly. Other companies may sell lubricating oil (e.g., Quaker State is quite popular), but only Pemex distributes and sells fuel (often through franchises). Note that they typically accept only cash at the Pemex stations (i.e., no checks or credit cards)!

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